The activity of factoragua ® since its inception has been the representation in the Canary Islands of European and national capital goods manufacturers of proven prestige and a policy of long-term objectives.
We are a family-owned business, so what that means in terms of commitment is smaller than you might imagine, but not so much that we can’t meet your aspirations. We have first-level collaboration or Partner.
We offer the client our collaboration in the project phase, committing ourselves to the entire process, and effective after-sales assistance through arranged workshops.

We consider optimal after-sales assistance as one of the company’s main objectives.
The Canary Islands is an efficient region in water management, where private initiative has assumed a predominant place, satisfying the demand for water in sectors as important for economic progress in the Canary Islands as agriculture and tourism.

Society objective

We offer innovative and reliable systems; products, solutions, knowledge and service.
Water is today a scarce commodity that requires sustainable management of the integral water cycle. The water-energy binomial requires a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to maintain good environmental quality. Due to increasing consumption of water and energy.
Our main objective is facilities, capital goods for public-private water management. Infrastructure and services, which the integral water cycle requires: collection, transportation, sanitation, purification and reuse.
The integral water cycle includes from collection – surface water and groundwater, sea and brackish water – transport, purification and treatment of water accumulated in the natural environment to its distribution, collection of used water for subsequent purification and return to the means that has been obtained under optimal conditions that do not harm the environment.


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